This spicy cocktail is beer with lime and some peppery seasoning. A south of the border favorite! Here is our version...
1/2 Key lime
Coarse salt
1 tsp Captain Spongefoot Original Sauce
12 ounces cold beer
1. Squeeze the juice from the lime and reserve.
2. Salt the rim of a tall glass by rubbing the lip with lime and dipping in coarse salt.
3. Fill with ice
4. Add lime juice and 1 teaspoon of the Captain's Original Sauce
Or… Squeeze a slice of Key lime in the beer bottle, add a couple dashes of Original sauce, cover with your thumb, rotate upside down and back over – remove thumb carefully and enjoy!
* The key lime, also known as a Mexican lime, is a small greenish-yellow thin skinned juicy lime with a distinctive aroma and high acid content.
Original Buffalo Wing Sauce
Available at all King Soopers
and City Market stores across
the Colorado Front Range.
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